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Cleaning A Tarmac Driveway

Tarmac is a material on itself that has a rough surface with plenty pits, which attributes not only in water curbing, but also the growth of algae. It as well protects the growth of invisible algae to the naked eye, this means that your tarmac can be filled with these pests without you being able to notice it until they grow very large that they take over the entire tarmacked area. If there is algae on your tarmac, you maybe moved to either use a wire-wash or pressure washer or even harsh chemicals to get rid of it as the solution. Even though they can solve the problem, these are not still the most effective methods.

Pressure washing can be quite an expensive removal solution and has the ability to give your tarmac a scar as it has the tendency of getting marked. Wire brushing your surface could potentially scratch or mark your tarmac, and it also consumes plenty of time too. On the other hand, using harsh chemicals that are based on either corrosive, bleach, or acidic solution on your tarmac surface should be avoided totally. This can not only damage your tarmac, but can as well kill any close-by plant from the run off and harm pets too if there is any retains left.

This is where wet and forget is introduced, it offers fast and effective cleaning solutions that is free of bleach, corrosive and acidic chemicals. Wet and forget will quickly get the work done. It breaks down the algae over time with the help of the rain and wind, keeping things at bay for a period of at least a year. You will no longer be stucked in endless number of cleaning and feeling dejected over your tarmac, as wet and forget will definitely eliminate all the algae. With the calm pH of 8 which is as close to neutral as you can get, you also do not need to worry about the long-term effect on any surrounding plants or pets. Just keep your pets away from the treated areas until they are dry and trying rinsing them off with fresh water if they accidentally come across it as a precaution.

Requirements for cleaning tarmac driveway

  • bottle of wet and forget
  • garden sprayer and tap water


  • Mix one part of wet and forget with five different portions of water in a garden sprayer.
  • Saturate your tarmac with the mixture and leave it to dry for about 4-5 hours during that time, the solution will get the work done, giving you free time to do other things.
  • And you are done. There is no need for scrubbing or rinsing as wet and forget solution is non-corrosive, non-acidic, and bleach-free as well, meaning that it can be used just about anywhere.

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How To Pressure Wash A Tarmac Driveway

Some homeowners and commercial property owners who have tarmac driveway found out that the best way to wash and clean their driveway is to use a pressure washer. On the contrary, many others are feeling dreadful of diving right into it because they are not sure of the right process and are afraid of damaging their driveway. To put the driveway owners at rest, both commercial and residential, below are the procedures to follow for a thorough pressure wash cleaning.

Clear The Area

Before starting to wash, you will need to do some preparatory work. It is necessary to brush off any loose detritus including dust, leaves and other obstacles. The best tool for this is a hard bristled brush, but any one you have can still get the work done. While in the process of cleaning the dirty areas, you should also shift away any object such as wheelie-bins and plant-pots to make sure the whole place is exposed.

Degreasing Your Driveway

Before you begin to pressure wash, it is ideal that you apply a degreaser, this will make sure that the stains come off a lot more easily when you start to pressure wash. All that is needed is a fast spray of degreaser, and rinse down with a brush and the stain should loosen.

Pressure Wash

Firstly, you will need to apply some detergent to the driveway. See to it that you properly kit yourself up to protect yourself from coming in contact with the detergent. Allow the detergent to work for about 5 minutes. Next, hold the pressure washer around 15 inches off from the driveway and focus in maintaining a consistent distance throughout the job. To ensure you get the best result, a good tip is to work in a corresponding pattern. If you need to overload, you can just make sure all of the detergent is rinsed away completely.

Time To Dry

Before you start to make use of your driveway again you should allow it to dry first. Once it is dry you can maintain your clean to last longer by applying a sealant and that is it.

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How To Wash A Tarmac Without A Pressure Washer

It is perfect that you clean a driveway at least once a month to maintain a brilliant appearance and prevent any stains from damaging the surface without using a pressure washer.

  • Remove oil spills from the surface previously cause by parked vehicles, sprinkle some cat litter to absorb the spill. Give sufficient time for the cat litter to soak up the oil and then sweep it up.
  • Clear out the driveway, uproot any weed growing in between the slabs and crevice in the driveway, use a broom and pan to sweep out the weed, leaves, dirt and any other detritus available.
  • Get rid of the stains by mixing a cup of dishwashing soap or laundry detergent with warm water. Pour some of the soapy solution onto the stains and use the scrub brush to remove the stains. Repeat this process again for tough stains, think about using a commercial stain remover if the stains still remains.
  • Stain removers are harsh therefore you should protect yourself by wearing a glove and goggle and carefully follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s menu.
  • Finally, rinse the driveway clean with a bucket of clean water or with a garden hose. Allow the surface to air dry itself and that is all.

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