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How To Clean A Resin Driveway

A resin driveway can change the appearance of your home. Some resin bound driveway are made by adding loose aggregates to a coating of resin. This makes the driveway look like a gravel. But it removes all the problem that accompanies gravel roads, like plant growth, flooding and loose stones. Like any other part of your home, however, a resin bound driveway requires cleaning and maintenance. Below are some ways for you to clean your resin driveway

Hosing Down

A resin driveway is simple to maintain. To keep it clean, it is necessary that you use a jet wash or a garden hose and spray down the surface. Because of the bound nature of the driveway, liquids are able to pass through. Not only does this prevent puddle from developing, it also means that a sustainable urban drainage system or SUD, has been created. There is no need to accept planning permission and the lack of water accumulated makes it less likely that moss or algae will grow on your driveway. Just like the pressure from water, the temperature of the water should be moderate. If water is too hot or too cold it can damage the resin. Making use of a moderate water temperature allows the water to clean the surface safely, reducing the risk.


In addition to regular hosing down, a resin driveway needs regular sweeping to remove any detritus, most especially leaves and other organic materials. A hard bristled brush or broom is just the best tool to get rid of any detritus, specifically something that might be stucked to the surface. If a resin driveway is not properly taken care of, it can start to germinate weeds and moss. Weed growth can cause further problems that includes loosening of the resin, which can end up making the surface less smooth than it was formerly.

Annual cleaning

If you do not have chance to go sweep your driveway, you should consider opting-in for an annual power clean. This is a once-a-year service that is carried out by specialist, aimed at cleaning and maintaining your resin driveway. By frequently cleaning, the surface can last longer and still maintain its smooth finish and the color and patterns you have chosen.

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How To Pressure Wash A Resin-Bound Driveway

  • It is advisable to spray with a flat nozzle, if handy to improve the precision of spraying on the flat surface.
  • Use a pressure washer with a pressure of up to 150 bar. Excessive pressure can damage the surface of your resin bound driveway
  • The water should be cool, but not too cold. A moderate temperature will prevent damage to the driveway.
  • Your nozzle should be at a minimum of 20 cm away from the surface when you are spraying, if a high pressure wash is sprayed very close, it can damage the surface.
  • Spray using a back and forth sweep motion.

How To Clean A Resin Bound Driveway Without A Pressure Washer

  • Start by using a push broom to get rid of any dirt from the surface.
  • Melt about 2.5 ounces of washing soda for each gallon of warm water.
  • Using your deck brush, scrub the surface by dipping the brush in the in the bucket of washing soda mixture.
  • Begin from the down part of the surface and work your way up to the highest point.
  • After you must have scrubbed the entire area, use your hose with the attachment to wash everything off back to where you first began to scrub.

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