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Patio Cleaning Nottingham

Your patio may require cleaning when there is a buildup of dirt, oil or grime. Depending on the type of material your patio is made out of, whether wooden or concrete for example, frequent cleaning may be required.

No matter where you live, there are certain outdoor areas that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Patio cleaning is one of those tasks you may have never considered before but it’s important for the safety and upkeep of your home.

This is where we come in with our patio cleaning services, not only to make the property look better but also to keep it safe for everyone living there or visiting at any given time. We offer a variety of different packages depending on what your needs are: from pressure-washing patios using hot water – which will dissolve dirt quickly without damaging surfaces as much – through to jet washing if you want something more thorough yet still gentle on ageing surfaces. The type of machine used depends on how dirty your patio is. For instance, if it has been neglected then we may use high powered hot water jets that can clean a lot in just one go (but we take care because this can cause damage).


The different types of patios we clean are as follows:

  • Concrete
  • Natural stone (such as granite) or other manmade hard surfaces such as tarmac, asphalt and driveway.
  • Timber decking/flooring. This type of patio is becoming increasingly popular because it’s environmentally friendly – being sustainable in terms of the types of wood used and will last a lot longer than grass for example. It also provides more space to move around on compared with lawns which are often limited by driveways etc., so can be good if you’re hosting large parties outside your home!

Patio Cleaning 

You might think that any old cleaner will suffice but there’s actually some thought behind which cleaners we’ll use – depending on what kind of stains they’re going up against! For instance, pressure washing can remove stubborn black mould from brickwork whereas deep scrubbing may not work as well because it removes too much mortar in doing so.

If you’ve got an elevated deck around your house then this will also require more frequent attention than lower levels as dirt can collect in corners faster or pile up under furniture (due to gravity). There are different types of patios out there and each type needs its own special treatment depending on the level of care. If you have a flagstone patio then these can be scrubbed with soapy water and rinsed off before drying. This is not the case for other types such as sealed concrete or painted surfaces where chemicals are needed to achieve a proper clean.

The frequency of your patio cleaning will depend on what type of surface it is made from: natural stone – once every few years; high quality synthetic decking material – once every year (unsightly stains should come up easily before winter sets in); composite wood decks – twice yearly; cedar stained decks may need more attention than others due to its propensity to absorb dirt and grime.

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