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Nottingham Driveway Cleaning Services

Do you have a driveway that is in need of some cleaning? If so, then you should contact Premium Restorations of Nottingham without hesitation. We provide driveway cleaning services for the Nottingham area. The driveway of your home or business is a focal point and should be kept clean with regular professional driveway cleaning. A driveway is the perfect place for kids to play, pets to hang out or adults to relax. But what happens when that driveway becomes covered in dirt, oil and grime? If you want your driveway looking its best, it’s time to call us at Premium Restorations of Nottingham!

Driveway cleaning refers to the process of cleaning driveway surfaces. There are a variety of driveway cleaners that you can use to get your driveway looking great again and some may even carry warranties for driveway cleaning services.

It is important to perform driveway cleaning at least once per year, but more often if there has been excessive oil or grease spills on the surface. The best time to clean driveways in Nottingham with pressure washers is during winter months when days are shorter, so they don’t have as much sunlight exposure time..

There are many ways for us at Premium Restorations of Nottingham to help keep your driveway looking like new! 

We can:

  • waterproof it against water damage
  • make it resistant to stains caused by oils and other materials such as bird droppings, and 
  • block out UV light to prevent cracking. 

Driveways can also be made ‘no-mow’ by using a textured paving method, meaning you’ll never have to cut your driveway lawn again! Driveways often get some of the harshest treatment due to being so close to an external environment and it makes sense that they need protection too. Our driveway cleaners will apply specialist coatings on your drive which protect it against UV light like oil spills or heavy traffic stains, making them easier to remove over time without completely removing the coating as well as adding valuable life span onto your driveway surface.

Premium Restorations of Nottingham are experts in driveway cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team provides professional driveway pressure washing throughout the year at competitive rates.

We provide cost effective solutions for keeping driveways clean all year around without any worries about them deteriorating over time if properly maintained!


Protecting Your Driveway 

Paving slabs and driveway are porous which can allow water to seep into the surface, if this happens you’re left with a soggy mess waiting for your next visit home! This is why it’s important to protect the driveway before winter. Without waterproofing driveway there will be an increase in algae growth plus all that dirt on top of paving slabs will melt away leaving pavement looking dull and disgusting. We specialise in driveway cleaning as well as sealing cracks around driveways so they don’t leak any water during the colder months ahead.


Waterproofing Driveway

Our team is made up of specialists with many years in the industry and we offer driveway cleaning services that will make your driveway water tight, protecting it from root penetration and moisture damage. Using a special resin system to seal cracks or openings which could allow water inside can help prevent mildew growth on paving slabs as well as mould beneath driveways.

Typically done by using a special liquid or spray sealant between paving slab joints to block any water ingress from the ground, driveway waterproofing can be done in conjunction with a driveway cleaning service.

Inhibiting moss algae weed growth: In order for our driveway cleaning services not just stop at keeping dirt off your pavements we also provide treatments such as applying anti-moss agents or blocking weeds with weed-blocking plastic sheets.

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