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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Nottingham

Solar panel bird proofing is an important consideration for solar panels, and one that you should not overlook. Birds can cause some serious damage to solar panels if they are allowed to nest behind them or defecate on the solar panel surface. We are solar panel bird proofing experts and we can tell you a bit of what steps we take in order to keep your solar panels safe from birds.

In Nottingham, the types of birds we are concerned about keeping away from our solar panels are as follows:

  • pigeons, because of the health risk they pose to themselves and others. It is illegal for these birds to come into contact with public spaces that contain food or drink.
  • gulls, which are attracted by the salty deposits left on solar panels from precipitation in winter months; these can be particularly damaging as their droppings corrode surfaces while also attracting other bird species like seagulls who will peck away at any remaining salt crystals
  • jackdaws are one example of this and can cause significant damage by chewing on wires or plastic components attached to solar panels
  • red kites also pose a risk because their powerful talons rip through any parts made from thin materials such as polycarbonate laminate

There are two main types of solar panel bird proofing: preventative and reactive.

Preventative Bird Proofing

Preventative measures involve installing guards on the front of your panels that prevent birds from nesting or roosting, while reactive prevents damage by cleaning away any debris behind panels when it is discovered.

The first step in preventing bird problems for your solar panels involves buying some good quality steel mesh to cover the entire surface area of the front face of your solar frame. You will need galvanised metal wire or a durable stainless steel wire for this purpose because regular wires may corrode with time due to exposure to sunlight and moisture. Galvanised rust-proof mesh is also ideal as these meshes have been treated against corrosion using zinc or zinc chloride.

Reactive Bird Proofing

eactive solar panel bird proofing is a term that describes the process of fixing solar panels after birds have already made their way inside and nested. In this case, the solar panels have to be cleaned and all nesting materials removed before bird proofing can properly take place.

Benefits Of Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Solar panel bird proofing can help you save money in a number of ways:

  • Protect your investment with long lasting materials that will ensure your solar panels last longer without being affected by bird droppings or nesting pigeons
  • Bird damage causes costly repairs and lost revenue during downtime periods when equipment cannot be used due to it not working properly because birds have made nests inside them (i.e. pigeon poop). This means there’s an increased cost to your bottom line.
  • Bird droppings can also shorten the life of solar panels because they contain corrosive materials that will attack the electronics in them.
  • If you have a large number of birds nesting on or near to your solar panel system, no amount of regular cleaning and maintenance will be able to keep them away – this means it’s time for bird proofing!

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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Solar panels are necessary to generate electricity and power many homes. No one likes the mess that pigeons and other birds leave behind on rooftops, so pigeon proofing solar panels or bird proofing your solar panels is important. We are able to clean debris from under the panels with a long extension or pole if we cannot access areas in back of them safely.

We fit galvanised rust-proof steel mesh guards around each row of solar cells then clean any droppings using a stiff brush and water before applying an anti-corrosion sealant to metal surfaces. 

With cut UV stabilised solar clips at specified lengths, we attach these meshes tightly without causing bumps after fitting into position with help from nylon ropes while ensuring no gaps remain between worn edges as this will allow small pests like rats and mice to nest inside during the night.

Solar panel pigeon proofing in Nottingham

Pigeons can pose a real threat and danger to solar panels, if you don’t get them protected. Pigeons can cause major problems, not only to the workings of your expensive panels, and cause them to fail and burn out, but the nesting birds are messy, noisy, and bring health risks with all sorts of nasty diseases, especially from the pigeon droppings!

This is the reason why it’s so important to get proper protection for your solar panels, and move these creatures away for good!. There are numerous ways and different types of protection products available on the market for keeping pigeons away from solar panels, but our method is the most effective solution for this problem, we offer total pigeon proofing for your solar panels…read on!

bird proofing your solar panels — also known as pigeon proofing your solar panels.

How much does it cost to pigeon proof solar panels?

It’s not always easy to give a firm quote without viewing the layout of your solar panels. But don’t worry as our quotations are FREE. On some occasions we can use technology and take a look using Google earth, or we can pop over and take a look at your property to get the best idea on the work involved. Whichever method we use, our prices are transparent with no hidden extras!

This will give you a good idea on the average price for bird proofing your solar panels in Nottingham.

All prices are subject to survey

House (2 to 3 Bed) X6 panels around £525 / plus VAT

House (2 to 3 Bed) X12 panels around £600 / plus VAT

House (3 to 4 Bed) X20 panels around £650 / plus VAT

House with 12 panels average 2/3 bed home / around £600+VAT

House X20 panels average 3/4 bed home / around £650+VAT

All our pigeon proofing solar panel protection prices Include the gutters cleaned that are below your panels, and we clean all the panels also.

Any commercial or industrial solar bird protection or solar panel cleaning, please call for a quote.

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How do you bird proof my solar panels?

Upon arrival at your property we set up our aluminium tower to gain access to your roof and solar panels. Our first job will be to remove all the nests, debris and infestation that has accumulated from the pigeons. If any birds are present themselves we will humanely remove them. Once the rear of your solar panels are clean then we will check for any damage that may have occurred during the time of the contamination by the pigeons. Once we are happy that everything is ok and no reports of damage we will fit our PVC coated galvanised mesh around all the panel perimeters. This will offer maximum protection and stop any more pigeons, birds or vermin re-entering behind your

solar panels. We even offer an assurance that if any birds do manage to get behind the panels, then we will remove them straight away! But I assure you this will not happen, but we like to give our customers peace of mind!

Another part of our service is gutter and downpipe cleaning that we do just below the panel, and this is included in our price. And not only that, once we are satisfied with our work, we will professionally clean all your solar panels, so you get maximum effect from them once again!

Please be Warned!

Always take care who you entrust to install your solar panel protection guards, as some companies fix the mesh down with screws or bolts, direct to your solar panels. This can cause serious damage to the panels and could also void your solar panel warranty. Premium Restorations of Nottingham use specialised black PVC nylon coated perimeter clips, which will not damage or cause adverse effects to your panels. We do not drill, screw or hammer clips. Our clips don’t rust or deteriorate in the winter or are affected by the sun’s UV rays. You can be rest assured that your expensive solar panels are fully protected and your manufacturer warranty intact. Call us now as we are specialists in bird proofing all types of residential and commercial solar panels in Nottingham. We are experts that you can trust!

Will your bird proofing method really keep the pigeons out?

Yes, our PVC coated mesh system professionally installed system will 100% keep out any bird, pigeons, rodents, and debris such as twigs and leaves. Once the reverse of the panels have been cleaned behind and all the existing birds, eggs, and other mess has been ejected and evicted and the panels are encased and sealed, you will totally eradicate the ongoing problem. After this the pigeons will eventually move on to look for another place to roost.

How quickly do pigeons nest under solar panels

Solar panels provide an ideal nesting spot for pigeons, as they offer protection from the elements and are typically warm. Pigeons will often start nesting under solar panels within a few days of installation. If you have a problem with pigeons nesting under your solar panels, you may need to take steps to discourage them from doing so. One way to do this is to install wire mesh or netting over the solar panels to prevent the birds from landing on them. You can also install spikes around the edge of the panel to make it difficult for the pigeons to perch. If you find that pigeons are still nesting under your solar panels despite your best efforts, you may need to call a professional pest control company to address the problem. Pigeons can be a nuisance, but they are also fascinating creatures. If you have ever wondered how quickly pigeons nest under solar panels, this article will tell you. Pigeons are attracted to the warmth and shelter that solar panels provide, and they often start nesting under them within a few days of installation. If you have a problem with pigeons nesting under your solar panels, you may need to take steps to discourage them from doing so. One way to do this is to install wire mesh or netting over the solar panels to prevent the birds from landing on them. You can also install spikes around the edge of the panel to make it difficult for the pigeons to perch. If you find that pigeons are still nesting under your solar panels despite your best efforts to discourage them, you may need to contact a professional to get rid of the pigeons for you. Call Premium Restorations of Nottingham for expert advice on bird proofing your solar panels.

Other methods of commercial bird proofing solar panels

There are a few different ways to bird proof your solar panels apart from mesh around the panels. One way is to use a physical barrier like a net. This can be effective, but it can also be unsightly and can damage the panels. Another option is to use an electric shock system. This system sends a shock through the wires of the solar panel when a bird lands on it. While this system is effective, it can also be expensive to install and maintain.

A third option is to use a sonic alarm. This alarm emits a loud noise when a bird lands on the panel. The noise scares the bird away and hopefully teaches them not to come back.

The downside of this system is that it can only be used in areas where there is no noise pollution.

The final option is to use a scarecrow. This is a fake bird that is mounted on the solar panel. It is designed to scare away real birds. The downside of this option is that it can be expensive and it may not be effective in all areas.

No one solution is perfect, but by using a combination of different methods, you can help protect your solar panels from birds. For more information, contact our solar panel bird proofing company today.

Why is it Important to Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels

In addition to causing damage to solar panels, pigeons can also be a health hazard. They can carry a variety of diseases, including Salmonella, E. coli, and Cryptosporidium. These diseases can be transmitted to humans through contact with the pigeons or their droppings.

There are a number of reasons why it is important to pigeon proof your solar panels. Pigeons can cause a lot of damage to solar panels, and they can also reduce the efficiency of the panels. In addition, pigeons can be a health hazard, as they can carry diseases.

Pigeons are attracted to solar panels because they provide a warm and sunny place to sit and because the panels often reflect the surrounding landscape. Pigeons can cause considerable damage to solar panels by landing on them and scratching or pecking at the surface. They can also leave droppings on the panels, which can reduce their efficiency.

Why Pigeons and Vermin are not good for your solar panels!

Solar panels are often the target of vandalism, as they are an easy and visible way to damage property. Recently, a group of pigeons managed to damage several solar panels in a city in England. The pigeons caused around £4,000 worth of damage to the solar panels, which is a significant amount of money. It is still unclear how the pigeons were able to damage the solar panels, but it is thought that they may have been pecking at them or sitting on them. This incident highlights the importance of keeping solar panels clean and free from bird droppings, as even a small amount of droppings can cause significant damage. It is also important to take measures to prevent birds from getting close to solar panels.

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Frequently Asked Questions on pigeon proofing solar panels

Pigeon proofing solar panels are important not only to protect the solar panels themselves but also to prevent the spread of diseases carried by pigeons. Pigeons can carry a variety of diseases, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. These diseases can be deadly to both humans and animals.

How often should I clean my solar panels?

You should clean your solar panels at least once a year to ensure maximum efficiency. However, you may need to clean them more often if they are covered in pigeon droppings or other debris.

How much will it cost to deter pigeons from my solar panels?

The cost of deterrence will depend on the method you choose. Some methods, such as spikes or electric shock devices, are relatively affordable, while bird netting can be more expensive.

How can I tell if my panels are damaged by pigeons?

If you notice any droppings or scratches on your solar panels, it’s likely that they have been damaged by birds. Pigeon droppings can also cause corrosion and reduce the efficiency of your panels.

What should I do if my solar panels are damaged by pigeons?

If your solar panels are damaged, you will need to clean them and repair the damage. You may also need to take measures to deter pigeons from your property.

How will you access our roof?

We have a variety of specialist equipment designed to access all types of roofs and solar panels, including tiled roofs, slate roofs, flat roofs, and conservatory roofs. We have an excellent health and safety record.

How long does your solar panel mesh protection last?

We have been supplying and installing our pigeon proofing mesh PVC coated, galvanised mesh protection for over 5 years now. We have not experienced any deterioration or product defects.

We Stop and eradicate Pigeons from nesting under your solar panels


Our Solar panel bird proofing method rids the noisy, annoying, filthy, infestation of mass breeding pests from your home, sleep again in peace!.

Protect Your expensive Solar Panel Investment

The pigeons are pests and will no doubt cause excessive damage under solar panels.

If you act fast and get them removed, it will save you money, as no expensive repairs later!


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