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How To Clean A Gravel Driveway

A gravel driveway is one of the least costly choices available. It does need some touch-ups to maintain its look. If you have a short driveway, you can do most of the gravel driveway maintenance job by yourself. For that of longer driveways, hiring a small tractor with a grader blade allows you to hasten the smoothing of the driveway and make any other repairs if necessary. If there are potholes in the driveway, work on them right away. Otherwise, you just need to take good care of your gravel driveway once or twice in a year, depending on the number of rains you receive.

Below are the processes on how you can clean your gravel driveway.

Requirements for the task

  • Garden sprayer
  • Roller
  • Shovel
  • Gravel
  • Hand tamper
  • Natural herbicide like (white vinegar, salt and liquid dish soap mixture)
  • Tractor with a grader blade

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Repair Potholes With Gravels

Firstly, to maintain a gravel driveway you have to repair potholes too. You can do so by making a wider and deeper, going all the way to the base of the driveway if you can. Add large coarse gravel into the bottom of the pothole with a shovel. Pack it down with a hand tamper. Add a layer of a medium sized gravel into the hole and tamp it down too. Top it off with a smaller layer of crushed gravel, then tamp this layer again in place.

Elevate Lower Areas

Look out for any puddles formed on the driveway during rainy seasons to find areas where the driveway is not

draining as it should, add some more gravel as much as needed to raise low spots. Scrape graves away from any area on the driveway that can possibly be creating a dam to hold water on the gravel.

Grade The Driveway

Do this at least once or twice a year with a grader blade attachment on a tractor as part of your frequent maintenance. Work the gravel on the surface so there is enough drainage system away from the house, water should also pass through the gravel driveway.

Channel Water Away

To maintain a gravel driveway, channel all water to the side of the driveway by making a crown down the middle with a grader blade. Try establishing a half-inch of crown per foot of width, for instance a 12-foot wide range should be roughly 6 inches in the middle.

Pack The Driveway Together

Pack the driveway gravel in-order with a roller attachment, drive over the driveway as many times as you can with a heavy vehicle to pack the rock if you do not have a roller.

Clear Your Drainage

Clear out any drainage dumps alongside the driveway with a shovel as part of your gravel driveway maintenance. Get rid of any detritus that suppresses water from flowing away from the driveway, if you have a tractor with a grader blade, make use of it directly on this action.

Curb Grasses And Weed Growth

To get rid of green growth on the driveway, spray a non-toxic herbicide on top of the driveway with a garden sprayer if you have grass or weed germinating through the gravel. You can DIY with your own non-toxic herbicide by joining it with a gallon of white vinegar, a cup of salt and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Combine this application often as needed as part of your gravel maintenance routine.

Note – gravel needs less maintenance if you drive gently on it, it is not important to add new gravel every year. This depends totally on how much rain falls you get and how much traffic is on the driveway, you may only need to add a couple inches of gravel every 2-3 years if necessary.

Warning – if you choose to perform these tasks manually, ensure to take good care of your back because you are working with heavy gravel.

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