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How To Clean Block Paving

To begin, you will want to move your furniture from your garden or vehicles out of the way, brush away any loose detritus, and get rid of weed and moss around the joining area. You are now set to give your surface a quick clean, the simplest way is to wash it with regular soap and water.

Getting Your Block Paving Driveway Cleaned Without A Pressure Washer

Items Required

  • Stiff bristled brush
  • Warm water
  • Bucket
  • Washing up liquid


Cleaning With Washing Up Liquid

  1. Mix the liquid, a few squirts will be fine and add warm water in your bucket.
  2. Begin from the corners to pour your solution in batches and scrub until the dirt on your block is come loose, repeat this process until the entire block paving space is clean
  3. Cleanse the dirty water away with a bucket of clean water or with a hose, and  channel the water into a drainage system.
  4. If you are thinking that your block paving could use a deeper cleaning, consider other choices and in whatever you do, never go for an acidic stone cleaner, because these solutions can destroy all the stones, making them less durable and more chances of prolonged damage.

How To Clean A Block Paving With A Pressure Washer

  • Remove as much weed and moss from the surface as you can but especially larger weeds before you start.
  • Start the cleaning process in a corner of the driveway above the runoff area of the dirty water. This is so that you do not have dirty water running onto your already cleaned area. 
  • Always pressure wash your driveway working away from and not towards the building, cars and close by property unless it is unpreventable. 
  • Use the pressure washer to wash across the surface, try to avoid splashing any doors and windows with dirt. But if eventually you stained them make sure you clean up the affected area by rinsing things down as you proceed. So that you will not have to go back to clean them afterwards.
  • Remember to rinse things that were splashed with dirt as you were cleaning, if you are trying to prevent splashes when pressure washing, try to consider fitting a rotary head cleaning brush right at the end of the lance. This works by stopping any splash because the jets of water are contained inside the hosing head. 
  • To avoid getting tiger-stripes when you are done with washing, ensure that you pay attention to each area that you have cleaned evenly. Also ensure that the liquid has been applied thoroughly and the surface heavily soiled before washing 
  • If your surface is too dirty , you will have plenty of dirt to clean off afterwards. You can rinse off these dirt into a drain system or soiled area.
  • Once the surface is cleaned, you have to allow it to dry. As soon as it dries off , re-sand the areas that must have lost sand between the surface when they were cleaned. This is necessary in order to maintain the strength of the block paving.
  • When you are done, re-point with a cement any area with pointing that may have come loose while washing.
  • Finally, now your block paving is sparkling neat, you can decide to keep it clean for a longer period by applying this process of cleaning from time to time.

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